Health Benefits of Aak Crown Flower

Health Benefits of Aak Crown Flower

Diseases are liked by none and are good for nothing. Even when some suffer from any kind of disease, they don’t like to get medicated with oral or injectable kind of things. So then what to be done! Hey guys, cheer up today we will be telling you a very different remedy to treat diseases.

Botanical Classification

  1. Family: Asclepiadaceae
  2. English: Madar, Giant Milk-weed, Roostertree, Mudar plant
  3. Sanskrit: Alarka, Rajaarka, Shvetarka, Vasuka, Mandaar,Bhasvanmuula, Dinesh, Prabhakar
  4. Unani: Madaar, Aak
  5. Siddha/Tamil: Erukku
  6. Arabic: Oshar
  7. French: Calotrope, Pomme de Sodome
  8. German: Wahre Mudarpflanzer, Gomeiner
  9. Italian: Calotropo
  10. Spanish: Algodon extranjero, Cazuela
  11. Turkish: Ipekag

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